Amazing Cork Crafts

In a crafty mood? Grab all those corks lying around the kitchen and let's create some unique crafts that you will actually use!

1. Cork Chandelier
A brilliant craft to consider for those who live under a pile of wine corks is a stunning cork chandelier. Perfect for a beach home or just a place where the wine action occurs, this chandelier is sure to be a talking point for all of your future gatherings. You can also hang it outside for an earthy wind chime. -

2. Cork Tray
Make a wine cork tray to use at parties and get-togethers. -

3. Vase Fillers
Use wine corks as vase fillers with candles or flowers. -

4. Bath Mat
That bath mat made out of cork is amazing. What a great idea! The only thing you should worry about is the moisture problem. -

5. Cork Vase
This is such a simple wine cork craft project anyone can make. Add the final touch to your room decoration with this project. Steer clear of broken vases with this DIY wine cork vase holder. -

6. Unique Pendant
A DIY pendant that would make the perfect gift and craft project for teens. Get your tools and trinkets ready and let the step-by-step guide shown in the pictures guide you. -


7. Magnetic Mini Air Plant Planters
Green thumb or not, these mini air plant planters are easy to make. Their cute size adds life to any space, and if you forget to water, don’t worry, air plants require little maintenance. And with no need to plant in soil, you can put these magnets just about anywhere!

8. Wine Charms
What better way to recycle your wine corks, than with wine charms! Cutting out a small round piece, six wine charms can be made from one cork. While it takes a bit of patience to make these charms, the end product is well worth it.

Once your friends get a load of these, you’re going to have to have your own DIY tutorial crafts and wine party because they will want their own!

Learn how you can make your own seashell wine charms HERE. Maybe you’ll even move onto bottle stoppers next.

9. Honey Comb Wine Drink Coasters
A drink coaster from your last drink. What fun! -

10. Garden Markers
Keep track of all of herbs with these wine cork garden markers. -

11. Wine Cork Candle
Soak natural corks in acetone alcohol for a week to turn them into candles. Be careful lighting them—we recommend using them for outdoor use only. -

12. Chores Cork Board
Memo boards are a necessary part of life to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Instead of having the standard and boring memo board, however, why not make one yourself out of wine corks? You can easily pin your notes on the board and have the entire piece look interesting and chic instead of just practical and a bit of an eyesore. -