Classy Book Decor Ideas for Your Home

Maybe you are a certified book lover - you love books, adore libraries and luxuriate in bookstores! Perhaps you are one of those who find peace and solace in a corner of a coffee shop or in your house with just a book in hand.

So years have passed ... and now you are left with way more books than you can fit in your shelves, squeeze underneath your bed and pile on your bedsides. No worries though, instead of hiding those books in every cranny, why not celebrate your love for literary art in your very own house?

Take a page from these brilliant book decorating inspirations!

1. Organizer - Maintain an orderly work desk with a phone book-turned organizer.


2. As a Runner of Placemat - Simply tear out pages and put them underneath picture frames, vases, candle holders, baskets, etc. This does not only help you cut down expenses for expensive runners and placements but will also help highlight the object above it. 


3. Charming Gift Bags - Having a party? grab those old books and you will be all set to make some trendy and unique gift bags. Adds a lovely charm for your homemade gifts. 


4. Bedroom Wall with Vintage Charm - Fall in love all over again every night with your favorite romance novels and fairy tales that you may read straight from your bedroom wall! So charming!


5. Book Frame! - Use a book to make a picture frame.


6. Book-turned-clutch - Carry your favorite book with you as a stylish clutch! Put all your valuables inside or use it to hold your pens and stationery. Get instructions HERE.


7. A Gorgeous Floor Lamp


8. Book Clock - What time is it? It is time to read! Awesome ... stylish and so charming!


9. Beautiful Creative Planters - Turn your copy of The Secret Garden into your very own mini garden!