Cool Stairway Decorating Ideas

Bedroom, kitchen, porch even patio and bathroom - a lot of attention is given to decorate these room. But there is none area which is often overlooked - that one part of the house that you probably go up and down several times in a day... Yup! the stairway!

So how about giving that high traffic area a little more scenic eh? Here are some stairway decorating ideas that we have collected across the most brilliant decorating sites that we bet you will surely try right away!

1. Vintage Venture
Antique portraits line the stairwell in this California farmhouse and create a unique look. The quirky lineup is also great conversation starter. -

2. Stair Shelves
If you fancy reading you can easily transform the empty wall area near your house stairs into a huge bookshelf where you can put any of your chosen books. Contingent on the place you own, you may add shelves for holding the items you desire to show. Books make effective house decorations which show the personality of the owner. -

3. Stencils
The staircase, featured in One Kings Lane, started off a boring, basic white-and-wood style. To mix it up, the designer painted each stair face a different shade of blue, and then added delicate-looking stencils inspired by bone inlay furniture. -

4. Plants, plants and more plants!

5. Storage Nook

6. Shabby Chic Frames

7. Pattern All Over
The tranquil shade of wallpaper and stair runner creates a coastal vibe that is equal parts fun and elegant. Try this and other fun summery ideas for your lake house decor. -

8. Beach Vibes
If you didn't know you were near the ocean before entering this house, the sea-foam green staircase might be a huge clue. Built in 1855, this Maine home embraces its history and geography with pastel colors and vintage signs, and the picnic baskets add to the summery theme.

9. Washi Tape
Lovers of whimsy, take note: Pascal Anson decorated his stairs with colorful adhesive tape to create this cool, waterfall-like design.

10. Find Your Inner Animal