Decorating Trends for Autumn/Winter 2018

Well, well! Say HELLO to a new season and aside from a change of wardrobe, our home deserves a new style and interior too! So to help you with your home decorating endeavor, we have collated some of the design trends from the top home sites.

Scroll down for some patterns, paint color, texture and decor for a W-O-W autumn/fall this year!

1. Rich and Earthy Tones
A warming colour palette inspired by nature and woodlands. From the vibrant tones of the turning leaves including rich reds, russet and amber yellows to comforting brown tones as seen in conkers and bracken. -


2. Moody Interior Paint Colors
Yes, white walls are timeless, but if you have grown tired of your all-white interior, perhaps it is time to go much darker.
One of our favorite interior paint colors of the year is called Black Flame — a beautiful blend of navy and black that puts the spotlight on décor just like white walls.
A gorgeous example is this space we cannot stop looking at on The Interiors Edit. To keep a room from feeling too moody, we suggest using the color in sun-drenched areas. -


3. Artisan Textures
Texture is a big thing this season! Furniture has a natural handmade feel with materials such a rattan and wicker the stars of the show. Textiles take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges and appliqué details – all irresistible to the touch.
So much can be achieved by simply playing with textures and materials. Whether it be woven wicker furniture, macramé cushions or mixing marble with metal (perfect for modern lamp choices) don’t underestimate the power of embracing and combining different textures. -


4. Americana Farmhouse Style
The key to great Fall decor is feeling warm and snug in your home — and that's exactly why Americana farmhouse style is big this season. Incorporating natural wood elements, animal motifs, and fresh Fall flowers is a simple way to add some great Fall style to your home. -


5. Oversized Florals and Oversized Everything
Oversized floral patterns are big trend and especially for fall. An idea would be to switch up your duvet with floral one. Or Adding one floral pillow to your sofa or bed. You could get really bold and wallpaper a section of your home with black and white large floral pattern. -


6. Gold and Natural Tones
Gold and natural tones can be mixed in your fall decor with jars, candles, wood tones, throw blankets and pillows. Love an amber jar filled with branches from the yard. Like the one below. -

7. Metallics
Warm tones of burnished copper and brass, along with zinc and pewter can instantly add elegance or rustic charm to an interior. They can be used in both a traditional and modern setting to different effect. -


8. Geometric Decor
Geometric accents are getting bolder and more colorful. For the adventuresome, one of our favorite ways to add geometry to a home is with a chromatic accent wall as shown in this splashy living room by Emily Lister Interiors. -


9. Tropical Prints
A continuation from last year, the tropical trend is still going strong – with the retro Swiss cheese plant being a hero alongside palm leaves. The trend has evolved for 2018 – it’s less about vibrant carnival brights and more about mixing plenty of lush, energising greens.
Rich shades of green look striking against on-trend darker furniture choices and the charcoal and navy walls that are so fashionable for home decorating right now. Look out for the key elements to help to create this look in your home. Think large scale leaf prints, oversized insects, safari wildlife and exotic birds. - IdealHomeCo.Uk.