Funkie Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Our mothers love gifts from the heart! So to better express our love and gratitude towards our mothers who love unconditionally, here are some cool DIY Mother's Day gift ideas from DIY Projects.

Click the link for step-by-step procedure. Happy crafting junkers!


1. Instagram Satchels and Bean Bags

Make these adorable little sachets and bean bags that will hold so much memories! She will love to see these around the house. -


2. Photo Lampshade

It’s never enough to just have photos on the bedside table; it should also be on a lampshade! Allow her to reminisce those beautiful memories with the family before she sleeps. -


3. Edible Bouquet

Moms need a little treat, too. Make her this edible bouquet with her favorite snacks! -


4. Survival Kit

Help your mom cope with another year of caring for the whole family with a DIY survival kit. This is one of the homemade Mother’s Day gifts she can keep for her daily use. -


5. Mother's Day Coupon

From breakfast in bed to choice of chore, I’m sure any Mom would love to get this. It’s a simple present she will take to heart. -


6. Homemade Sugar Scrub

Let your mom relax in a soothing bath with this homemade sugar scrub. She deserves something sweet in her bathroom for this special day. -


7. Picture Frame Mason Vase

A vase of fresh flowers with your picture in it? That’s so special! It’s one of the ultimate homemade Mother’s Day gifts for your mom! -


8. Hand-Warming Mugs

Toddlers can participate in the crafting, too! Creating handprint mugs is one of the super easy homemade Mother’s Day gifts the little ones can make for mom. -


9. Memories Magnets

This will look great on the fridge or anywhere you can put them on. Personalizing these DIY magnets by placing pictures of you and your mom makes this one of the memorable homemade Mother’s Day gifts. -