Great Cheese Graters

No no! Don't throw that cheese grater away! You can still use that! In fact, the rustier the better! Here are some of the funkiest DIY cheese greater ideas from our fellow junkers!

1. Cheese Grater as Earring Holder (
Paint the body of your cheese grater. Let each coat dry before applying next. Paint the handle with acrylic paint if you want it to be different color than the body. Do as many coats as needed to hide the metal and let the paint dry between coats.

Apply whatever types of embellishments you want on your homemade earring holder and get as creative as you want!

2. Wind Chime (
Turn kitchen utensils into a quirky wind chime. Gather five to seven pieces of flatware - the more mismatched, the more bizarre look and personality your chime will have. Just be sure to have at least one longer, larger piece to act as a pendulum.

3. Garden Owl (
This owl garden art is a perfect example of making the most of what you have and they're so cute. Make this junk metal garden art owl from cheese grater and metal lids and bottle caps.

4. Lights (
Industrial lights from rusty rusty graters!

5. Pencil Storage (
Here's a great functional idea for a cheese grater. Just turn it over and store anything in it. The depth on most graters makes it perfect as a pencil holder.

6. Fun Way To Display Photos

7. Towel Holder