Wood Crate Storage and Decorating Ideas

Wooden crates here and there? Turn them into amazing bookshelves, seating, storage and even more! Here are some ideas to try!

1. Spice Rack
Did you know that you can split a wooden crate and turn it into a spice rack? Of course you can hang it on its own and do the same thing, or get even more creative with the styling. The important thing here is that you’re organizing all your spices – and if enough room, sauces too! - Homedit.com

2. Storage Bench
Decorate your home with this wooden storage crate bench and watch your friends grow green with envy at your creative talent. Perfect for storing boots, shoes, books and bags, the list of uses for this bench is endless! Imagine filling it with chic baskets to tidy up a play room. Organize that mud room or awkward foyer with this cheery rustic bench. The red wash on these storage crates is easy to apply, and really enhances their farmhouse appeal. Coupled with a few extra boards and some industrial looking bolts, this design is easy to execute, but rates high on appearance and creativity. - HomeBNC.com

3. Storage Seats with Cushion
Add a removable seat cushion on top and casters on the bottom to create storage seats for the kids’ rooms. Not only does it give the kiddos a comfy place to sit, but it provides lots of extra toy storage too. - OneCrazyHouse.com

4. Pet Feeding Station
Flip the crate, cut two holes on top and add your dog's food and water dishes for a great looking feeding station. - OneCrazyhouse.com

5. Crate Locker
Build these small lockers for storing small things! Use simple wood crates and give them adorable rustic look. - HomeLovr.com

6. Colorful Kitchen Crates
Replace actual dining room furniture with a wall covered completely in colorful crates. - HomeSthetics.net

7. Record Keeper
Use wooden milk or wine crates to keep your vinyl records organized and ready for playing. This can be quite the interesting set up and we love its rusticism. - Homedit.com

8. Kitchen Island Storage
If you have the space and need some inspiration, use wood crates to organize your kitchen island. From utensils to fruit, there are so many ways to utilize the idea. -Homedit.com

Step on how to do this Kitchen Island Storage HERE