Cool Stairway Decorating Ideas

Cool Stairway Decorating Ideas

Bedroom, kitchen, porch even patio and bathroom - a lot of attention is given to decorate these room. But there is none area which is often overlooked - that one part of the house that you probably go up and down several times in a day... Yup! the stairway!

So how about giving that high traffic area a little more scenic eh? Here are some stairway decorating ideas that we have collected across the most brilliant decorating sites that we bet you will surely try right away!

1. Vintage Venture
Antique portraits line the stairwell in this California farmhouse and create a unique look. The quirky lineup is also great conversation starter. -

2. Stair Shelves
If you fancy reading you can easily transform the empty wall area near your house stairs into a huge bookshelf where you can put any of your chosen books. Contingent on the place you own, you may add shelves for holding the items you desire to show. Books make effective house decorations which show the personality of the owner. -

3. Stencils
The staircase, featured in One Kings Lane, started off a boring, basic white-and-wood style. To mix it up, the designer painted each stair face a different shade of blue, and then added delicate-looking stencils inspired by bone inlay furniture. -

4. Plants, plants and more plants!

5. Storage Nook

6. Shabby Chic Frames

7. Pattern All Over
The tranquil shade of wallpaper and stair runner creates a coastal vibe that is equal parts fun and elegant. Try this and other fun summery ideas for your lake house decor. -

8. Beach Vibes
If you didn't know you were near the ocean before entering this house, the sea-foam green staircase might be a huge clue. Built in 1855, this Maine home embraces its history and geography with pastel colors and vintage signs, and the picnic baskets add to the summery theme.

9. Washi Tape
Lovers of whimsy, take note: Pascal Anson decorated his stairs with colorful adhesive tape to create this cool, waterfall-like design.

10. Find Your Inner Animal

DIY Farmhouse Decor

DIY Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decoration has become one of the most loved style over the past few years. This type of decor features a lot of wooden and distressed items allowing home owners to repurpose family heirloom and turn to thrift stores to shop items.

Here, we have gathered some of Hative's farmhouse decor ideas that we bet you will surely adore! All complete with How'to's ... and they won't hurt your budget!

1. Age Galvanized Metal
You can achieve a vintage look on your metal item using vinegar saly and peroxide. The combination of the abrasive materials will certainly give that distressed look to your brand-new planter, so that it looks right at home in your farmhouse garden. - via littlehouseofour

2. Spray Painted Dishes
It is quite a funny project, because the dishes featured are in fact from the thrift store, but instead of being further distressed or left as they were, they were spray painted to match the farmhouse aesthetic. via sincerelysarad

3. DIY White-Washed Wood Tray
This wooden tray was originally more shabby chic than farmhouse, so it was appropriately white-washed to get that light yet welcoming look. via confessionsofaserialdiyer

4. Vintage Vase
You can easily take any kind of shakers and turn them into simple, tall and narrow vases by removing the lids and giving them a new coat of paint. It does work, as you can see. via sadieseasongoods

5. Burlap Baskets
This project is even easier to complete than the previous one, because all you need to do is paint your basket dark brown and then cover the sides with burlap. A dark brown label at the front will add the finishing touch to the piece. via simplemadepretty

6. Topsy Turvy Planter
How do you make a topsy-turvy tower of galvanized flower pots on a budget? Take plastic baskets and spray paint them before creating the topsy-turvy structure. No one will be able to tell the difference, for sure. via divaofdiy

7. Framed Recycled Cutlery
Here’s another great example of cheap farmhouse wall decoration, as you only need a set of two-tone frames and some old – perhaps even plastic cutlery to display. The end result is three dimensional and completely appropriate for the farmhouse environment. via spunkyjunky

8. Rope Basket
This is another take on the plastic bin that turns into a wicker basket, but this one is even simpler. Two different thin ropes were wrapped around the outside of the piece here to create the wicker basket effect. After filling it up, you can’t even tell there is a plastic bin inside. via iheartorganizing

No time to make your own farmhouse adornments though? No worries! Funkies Junkies offers a lot of farmhouse furnishing and home decor - starting for your living room, dining, bedroom, kitchen to your bathroom and even outdoor spaces! Come visit us:

204 E McKenzie St. Punta Gorda, FL 33950
Mon-Sat: 10am - 5pm

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Mon-Sat: 10am - 5pm

Wood Crate Storage and Decorating Ideas

Wood Crate Storage and Decorating Ideas

Wooden crates here and there? Turn them into amazing bookshelves, seating, storage and even more! Here are some ideas to try!

1. Spice Rack
Did you know that you can split a wooden crate and turn it into a spice rack? Of course you can hang it on its own and do the same thing, or get even more creative with the styling. The important thing here is that you’re organizing all your spices – and if enough room, sauces too! -

2. Storage Bench
Decorate your home with this wooden storage crate bench and watch your friends grow green with envy at your creative talent. Perfect for storing boots, shoes, books and bags, the list of uses for this bench is endless! Imagine filling it with chic baskets to tidy up a play room. Organize that mud room or awkward foyer with this cheery rustic bench. The red wash on these storage crates is easy to apply, and really enhances their farmhouse appeal. Coupled with a few extra boards and some industrial looking bolts, this design is easy to execute, but rates high on appearance and creativity. -

3. Storage Seats with Cushion
Add a removable seat cushion on top and casters on the bottom to create storage seats for the kids’ rooms. Not only does it give the kiddos a comfy place to sit, but it provides lots of extra toy storage too. -

4. Pet Feeding Station
Flip the crate, cut two holes on top and add your dog's food and water dishes for a great looking feeding station. -

5. Crate Locker
Build these small lockers for storing small things! Use simple wood crates and give them adorable rustic look. -

6. Colorful Kitchen Crates
Replace actual dining room furniture with a wall covered completely in colorful crates. -

7. Record Keeper
Use wooden milk or wine crates to keep your vinyl records organized and ready for playing. This can be quite the interesting set up and we love its rusticism. -

8. Kitchen Island Storage
If you have the space and need some inspiration, use wood crates to organize your kitchen island. From utensils to fruit, there are so many ways to utilize the idea.

Step on how to do this Kitchen Island Storage HERE

Coffee Ideas to Inspire You

Coffee Ideas to Inspire You

A coffee lover? Got coffee-loving friends who as well love to raid your house? Well, you better have a convenient and nice coffee station where everybody can help themselves when caffeine needs arise.

Here are some of the best and organized coffee station ideas to inspire... and copy!

1. Reclaimed Wood Coffee Bar
Reclaimed wood has an immerse value, it can shape the extraordinary, here taking the shape of small coffee bar, made to entertain. -

2. Coffee Cart
A well put together coffee cart on wheels that has everything just where you need it. If you’re having guests over, simply wheel it to the sitting area and your guest will be jumping to make their own coffee. -

3. Colorful Coffee Bar
Use what you already have! An old dresser or night stand easily becomes a make-shift coffee bar with the addition of a few shelves for extra storage.

4. The Industrial Coffee Station
Feeling ambitions? Follow these instructions to build your won industrial-chic setup to fulfill everyone's breakfast-time needs. -

5. Fine Dining
Take an elegant hutch like the one seen on Little Brick House and transform it into a simple, yet elegant coffee station. The beauty here is there's plenty of storage underneath and on top thanks to the mesh baskets. -

6. Rustic Coffee Station
Doesn't DIY Coffee station look like it could be in a coffee shop? I love the rustic industrial design, concrete countertop, and lit display cabinet. You can even come up with your signature coffee recipes and put them up on your chalkboard menu for guests. And, no matter what look you decide, you can copy their great idea to accessorize using glass canisters from Ikea filled with coffee beans. -

7. Bookshelf Coffee Station
I always love the idea of reusing a bookshelf for a different purpose and this is a fantastic way to repurpose an old bookshelf. It also creates a lovely wall feature!

8. Tiered Tray Coffee Station
Not into having your cups hanging on the wall or are you perhaps looking for something that doesn't take up much space? Then I've got you covered You might have heard of using these tiered trays for organizing but they're also perfect for storing coffee essentials in an organized way. -

9. Barn Door Bar
Adding a barn door to any piece of furniture instantly makes it better. This is a smart way to hide your supplies when you are not using it. -

Decorate for 4th of July with Mason Jars

Decorate for 4th of July with Mason Jars

Add these festive 4th of July Mason Jar Crafts to your Independence Day party! Surely a so creative and cool way to show off your American pride!

I. Mason Jar Lights - by

  • Red and blue food coloring
  • White Rice
  • Mason Jars
  • Tea Light Candles or small pillar candles
  • Glass or plastic bowls
  • Glass or plastic containers
  • Spoons
  • Funnel
  • Measuring Cup

Step 1: Gather your bowl, food coloring, mason jars and tea light candles.

Step 2: Separate the rice, about 2 cups per color, or your desired amount per layer. You may use plastic storage containers. But since food coloring can stain plastics, you may opt to use glass or metal storage containers instead. Squirt several drops or more (for a richer color) of the food coloring into the rice. Use a spoon to evenly distribute. Place rice on a cooking sheet to dry. It may take 15-30 minutes.

Step 3: Use a funnel and measuring cup or spoon to layer the dried rice in the jars; create the pattern and order of colors your desire. Gently place a votive or small pillar candle in the middle of the rice. Light the candle.

Step 4: Tie a string or ribbon around the rim and display your mason jar 4th of July decorations for all to see!


II. Mason Jar Sippy Cups - by

  • 8 oz Ball Mason Jars (12)
  • Patriotic Scrapbook Paper (card stock work best but paper is fine)
  • Straws
  • Craft knife
  • Pencil and Scissors

Step 1: Trace your lid onto the wrong side of the scrapbook paper and cut your circles out. (Make an extra just in case or seal them in clear contact paper in case of drips.)

Step 2: Place the circle inside the screw-on lid with the printed side facing down. Tighten the screw-on lid until the scrapbook paper becomes taut.

Step 3: With your crafts knife, make a tiny X in the center or side of your cup. Don't make it too big or you would create a hole larger that your straw.

Step 4: Pop in some festive straws!

Pretty Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Pretty Laundry Room Makeover Ideas

Here are some awesome ways to give your laundry room a makeover.

1. Luxurious Lanudry Room
Looking to live a luxe life? Well, when it comes to laundry at least? This fantastic laundry room provides as much space as some laundromats with ample cabinet and shelf storage, classy decor, and a marble folding table in the center of it all. With this laundry room you’ve got it made in the shade. -

2. Butcher Block Laundry Folding Station
This butcher block laundry folding station offers the warmth of a clean pine table top , which creates a very welcoming feel. Set against the clean vintage feel of white subway tile and white wood cabinetry, this area has rustic charm to spare. -

3. Laundry Dictionary Definition and Giant Pins Art
Giant vintage laundry pins combine beautifully with a “Definition of Laundry” wall art sign, to create extra interest in this cleanly decorated laundry room. The overall look is enhanced by a black counter that sets perfectly against off-white walls. -

4. Vintage Laundry Room Decor Door with Sticker
A wonderfully weathered farmhouse door gets a touch of class with the clean lettering in the door’s vintage glass window. The weather-beaten paint on this door is additionally beautifully offset by the clean white lines of the surrounding entranceway. -

5. Steels and Pallets
A wonderfully weathered farmhouse door gets a touch of class with the clean lettering in the door’s vintage glass window. The weather-beaten paint on this door is additionally beautifully offset by the clean white lines of the surrounding entranceway. -

6. Space-Efficient Workspace
A full-size front-loader washer and dryer stack to save space in this laundry room. The nifty beadboard drying rack by Ballard Designs tips out to offer rungs for wet clothes without monopolizing floor space. Bright idea: Camouflage an industrial hamper (on wheels to save your back) with an appealing—and washable—tie-on fabric skirt. -

7. Lost Socks and Change Laundry Room Organizers

8. Modern Laundry Room
A full-size front-loader washer and dryer stack to save space in this laundry room. The nifty beadboard drying rack by Ballard Designs tips out to offer rungs for wet clothes without monopolizing floor space. Bright idea: Camouflage an industrial hamper (on wheels to save your back) with an appealing—and washable—tie-on fabric skirt. -

9. Beach-Side Laundry Room
Whether this is for your actual beach house or the one you fondly imagine, this laundry room gives you the sense that you’re in a summertime paradise. The calming blue shade on the walls, scavenged glass jars, and seashell decor make this room. All you need is some salty air and ocean sounds and you’ve got yourself beach-side laundry room. -

10. Repurposed Was Tub Shelving Unit
Here’s an inventive use of an industrial metal wash tub. Just turn this large tub on its side, install it on the wall, and it’s a handy laundry storage piece that adds a fanciful feeling to practical chores. -

Unapologetically Pink Decor Ideas

Unapologetically Pink Decor Ideas

We here at Funkie Junkies are a big pink enthusiast! (well,you can see it on our logo eh... pink font and pink truck!) We so love the color and we believe that the phrase "pretty in pink" does not have to be limited to your OOTDs.

Adding the gorgeous color to your decor scheme - whether indoors or outdoors - brightens and makes a room so much lovelier!

So, here are some decor ideas that will surely make your Pink Squad proud!

1. Pink Statement Coach
You don't have to have an overly-girly home to pick a pink statement couch for your living room In fact, sometimes a pink sofa works best when it feels completely unexpected, like in a modern space. -

2. Light and Airy Pink
A former sleeping porch became a daughter's bedroom in a Nashville house. Designer Markham Roberts hid blackout shades behind eyelet sheers on the three walls of windows, then added linen curtains trimmed in Lee Jofa's Portofino. Headboard and bed skirt in Sister Parish Design's Dolly, through John Rosselli & Associates. -

3. DIY Macrame Hanging

  • Step 1: Stick your hooks 15” apart on a wall. Tie the heavy rope to the hooks. This will make it easier to knot the twine.
  • Step 2: Cut 35 strands of 70” long twine. Fold one in half and loop it around the rope as shown.
  • Step 3: Loop all 35 strands around the rope. CLICK HERE FOR THE STEPS

4. Yarn Wrapped Wall Monogram
Do you like the monogram idea, but feel like too many silk flowers isn't fitting with your current decor scheme? Try cutting it down to just a few and filling the rest of your block with pretty shades of pink yarn wrapping. -

5. Pink Mason Jar
Sometimes the simplest decor solutions are the best! The Cottage Market suggests saving washed mason jars and repurposing them as flower vases. Choose various shades of light pink, arrange them by colour, and fill them with pink and white flowers! -

6. Pink Patio
On the brick patio of a tiny California bungalow, designer Krista Ewart kept the mood fresh and playful to match the decor inside. A white 1960s lawn furniture set is perked up with a pink patterned tablecloth. -

7. Pink Cool Appliances
One of the biggest kitchen decor trends right now? Retro appliances that come in pastel shades like mint green, baby blue, and pastel pink. It doesn’t get much more fun than a pink refrigerator. -

8. Mix and Match Pink Patterns
We love the look of mixing and matching pink patterns with unexpected patterns like black and white leopard, and floral. It shouldn’t work, but it totally does. -

9. DIY Lip Print Wall Art

Crafty Ideas for Father's Day

Crafty Ideas for Father's Day

Show Dad extra special and creative love on his day!

Read more →

Hottest House Colors this Summer 2018

Hottest House Colors this Summer 2018

It's the perfect time to break out some fresh colors in your house... Why? Well. 'coz it's summer!

Browse some of the must-have hues that are taking each and every home this summer of 2018. Colors that are so much more ready to take their turn in the spotlight this season.

1. Blush
Dubbed "millenial pink", the peach-salmon hybrid refuses to go away. It can even serve as a neutral in your space, since it's so muted. -

2. Cobalt Blue
Bold yet playful, cobalt blue makes a statement without feeling abrasive. Interior designer Ghislaine Vinas says the dynamic hue works great for home offices. -

3. Pineapple Yellow
While we're always fans of this peppy hue inspired by our favorite tropical fruit, Pineapple yellow - perhaps more than any other color - is having a moment. Splashed everywhere from A-list fashion shows to everyone's IG feed, the sunny shade can bring any room with a strategic pop or overhaul it with an eye-catching accent wall. -

4. Exotic Orange
Vibrant orange is an instant energizer in any space. Designer Ghislaine Vinas says the color works well when you are seeking a warm feel but want a punchy impact. If an orange sofa is out of your control zone, opt for a small wall in the zingy hue. A wall decal is a great way to get a temporary taste of this exciting color. -

5. Coral
Inspired by the colors of a perfect mid summer sunset, this beachy shade is on the rise and making appearance everywhere from celeb designer Thom Filicia's latest project to KitchenAid's newest mixer. What we love most is its versatility - with the multi-hued sunset as its guide, coral isn't a one-shade-fits-all situation. Lightened up, the pretty hue is perfect as a background; more electric takes can add eye-catching oomph to any room. -

6. Nile Green
We'd argue that virtually any shade that comes from nature is always en vogue, but we're especially digging this breezy light green that earned a spot on Pantone's trend report from London fashion Week. The shade - which brings to mind softer hues found in tropical greenery - works just as well in the home as it does in your closet: It can bring a hint of color to a calm and composed neutral room, or it can serve as a serene backdrop to more vibrant, eye-catching colors. -

7. Dusk
Fact: You can never have too much blue. It will make you feel like you are living by the coast, no matter where you are.

8. Emerald
Deep emerald isn't going anywhere - it's a timeless color that also feels modern. Try it on floor instead of traditional wood.

9. Soft Gray
Interior designer Anastasia Faiella deems this dreamy shade of gray both classic and versatile. Bathe your kitchen or living room in the hue, or create a bedroom retreat with the calm, breezy color. Its fresh feel and look make it an easy choice for summer. -

10. Candy Apple Red
Sparking memories of freshly-candied apples at old-fashioned fairs, this shade of red is perfect for a dining room. “Choosing a non-primary red is much more attractive to our eyes, as it is complex,” explains architect and designer Alan Metcalfe. Alan says the powerful hue stimulates appetite, productivity and passion. -

Awesome DIY Stepping Stone Ideas for Your Garden

Awesome DIY Stepping Stone Ideas for Your Garden

Spring is so here! And where do we always spend time in this good warm weather? ... in our garden of course! So why don't you make your garden more exciting and fun?
With a little time, effort and a lot of creativity you can make your garden a lot more beautiful than last spring!

Browse some of these ideas that we have put together for you! Enjoy!

1. Leaf Imprint Stepping Stones
These leaf imprinted stones are perfect for fall gardens. Well, they are perfect for any time of the year actually. You just make the stones from cement and while the cement is still wet, use a leaf from your favorite garden plant to imprint the stones. These are so easy and so beautiful. -

2. Elegant Entry
Freeform slabs of Tennessee fieldstone and Pennsylvania bluestone create a rustic pathway that enhances the cottage air of the house and grounds. Colorful perennials and groundcovers are sprinkled along the edges. -

3. Store-Bought Stepping Stone Molds
If you have something in mind, you can probably find a stepping stone mold that is pre-made and ready for concrete. From sand dollars to butterflies to Celtic designs and even a giant paw print, there is sure to be one to fit your garden. Just remember that you can only make one at a time with each mold. -

4. Stepping Stones to Traverse Your Pond
Add a unique twist to your landscape with stepping stones that span your pond. Here, the stones are placed on cinder blocks that allow both people and pets to cross the pond. Match the stepping stones with the stones that surround the water, ensuring it all will blend beautifully. Choose the size of the stones based on the size of your water feature, while keeping safety in mind as well.

5. Built-In Rest Stop
Oversized stepping stones function like a stairway as this path ascends along the slope garden. A custom stone bench provides a spot to perch and take in the plantings and wildlife. -

6. Easy DIY Hopscotch Stepping Stones
Not only are these adorable stepping stones, they double as a game for the kids when the weather allows. If you ever played hopscotch as a child, the you know how fun it is. You just paint concrete pavers, which are pretty cheap by the way, and you're all set. -

7. Circular Stepping Stones
Circular pavers are a practical way to incorporate a stone pathway into your landscape. Here, a multitude of stones lead throughout the yard, making it simple to move from place to place. Each stone is fashioned of the same material and cut to the same size to bring continuity and symmetry to the area. -

8. Pallet Walkway
This garden path idea uses wood pallets placed one after the other, though leaving a small space in between. To do this, you'll need to firmly place the wooden pallets along the desired path. The gap also allows the plants to grow in between to create a more earthy feel for the path or walkway. -

9. DIY Stepping Stones from Broken Dishes
These stepping stones are made from broken china and other glass type dishes and they are absolutely gorgeous. If you have some old china that you can't use because of chips or breaks and you can't get rid of it, turn it into these amazing stones for your garden. You just add the pieces of china to concrete stones that you make yourself and the end result is breathtaking.

10. Wood Slice Walkway
Wood logs are not that useful or maybe not; you can create a garden path out of them. -

11. DIY Stepping Stones witn Cake Pan
You can use an ordinary cake pan to mold your concrete and make amazing - and perfectly proportioned - stepping stones. Just mix the concrete as directed, add your decorative elements like glass stones or other items, and then let the concrete harden. Your end result is an easy to make yet beautiful stone that will bring beauty to your landscape wherever you lay it. -

12. Glow in the Dark Garden Stones
These glow in the dark stepping stones are not only unique, they will help you light your way when it's dark outside. You use solar lights and glow in the dark to provide the light function and you can paint any design that you want on the stones so you really get these customized. -

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