Memorial Day DIY Decor

Memorial Day DIY Decor

Check out these easy and quick ideas to get those flags a good waving!

1. Let the food do the (decor) talking
Get creative with food presentation this weekend – use red from delicious strawberries or tomatoes, white from creams or breads, and blue from blueberries or m&ms to create edible masterpieces. Warning: This strategy tends to result in distant relatives’ overuse of the phrase, “That looks good enough to eat.” -

2. Spirit Explosion
No fireworks yet, but you can fake it with confetti-filled balloon bombs -- a surefire hit with partygoers young and old. -

3. Table Trim
Your outdoor decorations can double as party favors. Set the table with these adorable napkins. Place a box of sparklers on a basic cloth napkin, then wrap the whole package in a festive ribbon.

4. Painted Denim Bunting
Repurpose an old pair of jeans into sweet Memorial Day bunting to string along your mantel or porch. For this quick craft, you can be precise with stencils, or even freehand the lettering, if you don’t have that kind of patience. -

5. Flag Windchime
There is something peaceful and unique in watching and listening to a windchime swaying in the breeze, just like the American flag. Put those two together and you get a US flag windchime and you can easily make one from craft foam. Let your swaying flag be heard far and wide. -

6. Patriotic Bandana Tablecloth
Perhaps you feel that your home has enough decorations without having to put more on the dinner table, but you still wish to give it a patriotic touch. Placing a patriotic tablecloth will do the trick and if you don’t have one you can easily make it from red, white and blue bandanas. -

7. Edible Flag
What a FUN idea for a photo-backdrop… an edible flag! Made entirely of donuts! -

8. Red-white-and-blue Mason Jar Luminaries
Using tissue paper, you and your children could create these easy DIY jars to help pass the time until the fun begins. Battery-operated votives are recommended over candles when it turns to dusk…and the lights double as individual flag spotlights. Perfect. -

9. Snack Center
Keep guests well fed with an outdoor snack center. Stock dry snacks, chilled beverages, and sweet treats that your guests can grab whenever they're hungry. Dress up the station with linens and flags so it matches the rest of your 4th of July outdoor decorations. -

10. Paper Rolled Wreath
A piece of cardboard and a stack of patriotic-toned paper can become a welcoming Memorial Day wreath in a pinch. This decoration is fun to make, takes just a few minutes, and kids will love participating. -

Free Memorial Day Printables HERE

Funkie Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Funkie Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Our mothers love gifts from the heart! So to better express our love and gratitude towards our mothers who love unconditionally, here are some cool DIY Mother's Day gift ideas from DIY Projects.

Click the link for step-by-step procedure. Happy crafting junkers!


1. Instagram Satchels and Bean Bags

Make these adorable little sachets and bean bags that will hold so much memories! She will love to see these around the house. -


2. Photo Lampshade

It’s never enough to just have photos on the bedside table; it should also be on a lampshade! Allow her to reminisce those beautiful memories with the family before she sleeps. -


3. Edible Bouquet

Moms need a little treat, too. Make her this edible bouquet with her favorite snacks! -


4. Survival Kit

Help your mom cope with another year of caring for the whole family with a DIY survival kit. This is one of the homemade Mother’s Day gifts she can keep for her daily use. -


5. Mother's Day Coupon

From breakfast in bed to choice of chore, I’m sure any Mom would love to get this. It’s a simple present she will take to heart. -


6. Homemade Sugar Scrub

Let your mom relax in a soothing bath with this homemade sugar scrub. She deserves something sweet in her bathroom for this special day. -


7. Picture Frame Mason Vase

A vase of fresh flowers with your picture in it? That’s so special! It’s one of the ultimate homemade Mother’s Day gifts for your mom! -


8. Hand-Warming Mugs

Toddlers can participate in the crafting, too! Creating handprint mugs is one of the super easy homemade Mother’s Day gifts the little ones can make for mom. -


9. Memories Magnets

This will look great on the fridge or anywhere you can put them on. Personalizing these DIY magnets by placing pictures of you and your mom makes this one of the memorable homemade Mother’s Day gifts. -


Great Cheese Graters

Great Cheese Graters

No no! Don't throw that cheese grater away! You can still use that! In fact, the rustier the better! Here are some of the funkiest DIY cheese greater ideas from our fellow junkers!

1. Cheese Grater as Earring Holder (
Paint the body of your cheese grater. Let each coat dry before applying next. Paint the handle with acrylic paint if you want it to be different color than the body. Do as many coats as needed to hide the metal and let the paint dry between coats.

Apply whatever types of embellishments you want on your homemade earring holder and get as creative as you want!

2. Wind Chime (
Turn kitchen utensils into a quirky wind chime. Gather five to seven pieces of flatware - the more mismatched, the more bizarre look and personality your chime will have. Just be sure to have at least one longer, larger piece to act as a pendulum.

3. Garden Owl (
This owl garden art is a perfect example of making the most of what you have and they're so cute. Make this junk metal garden art owl from cheese grater and metal lids and bottle caps.

4. Lights (
Industrial lights from rusty rusty graters!

5. Pencil Storage (
Here's a great functional idea for a cheese grater. Just turn it over and store anything in it. The depth on most graters makes it perfect as a pencil holder.

6. Fun Way To Display Photos

7. Towel Holder

Outdoor Dining and Kitchen Ideas

Outdoor Dining and Kitchen Ideas

There is nothing more fun and satisfying than eating a sumptuous meal outdoors with your family, especially when the weather is warm and pleasant. And if you have ample space in your yard, we recommend to have an outdoor kitchen - preparing and enjoying food under the warm sun adds to the enjoyment of the crew!

To complete your outdoor escapade, you can start by setting up grills, seating areas, bar or even storage. You can even set up a mini sink or counter. Below are some of the best design ideas for you!


1. Corrugated Metal Outdoor Bar
Have you ever heard rain bounce off a tin roof? This outdoor kitchen takes that peaceful feeling and creates a casual outdoor space using the corrugated tin for visual interest and a beautiful soundscape during stormy weather. Keep things from getting too fussy with oak-toned wood accents including countertops, plus a string of outdoor lights across the top.

2. Patio Kitchen
An eye-catching sign makes a statement over this streamlined outdoor kitchen; bright red Navy chairs add a pop of color.

3. Repurposed Shutters
In Malcolm James Kutner's Key West house, the outdoor kitchen cabinets are made from old cypress shutters supplied by restorer Liz Devries. "With outdoor living in general, it's about being friendly with nature and inviting it inside instead of trying to draw that heavy line in the sand that says, 'This is the outside and this is the inside,'" he says.

4. Bricks, Bricks, Bricks
Bricks are not only cozy, but also practical. They are good for the outside space and make your rustic kitchen look amazing!

5. Vintage Outdoor Kitchen
Let's be vintage! The wooden breakgfast charis make this kitchen so eye-appealing!

6. Outdoor Dining for Less
Creative design and clever repurposing can transform a sliver of the outdoors into a comfortable—and affordable—area for open-air entertaining. Here, draping fabric between four poles sunk in the ground makes for an easy DIY sunshade. Use tent pins to anchor lines that run from the pole tops to the lawn.

7. Salvaged Sink Into An Outdoor Bar
The core of the project is a 1950s cast-iron sink from a salvage yard. It's supported by a cedar potting bench that was assembled in about an hour from a kit. Stoppered and filled with ice, the basin is great for chilling beers. Drain waste water into a bucket placed below the sink or, if you hook the faucet to a garden hose, divert it through PVC pipe. To hide the bottom storage shelf, we added a colorful skirt made from four yards of Sunbrella fabric.

8. Crate Shelving
If you’ve already got the grill in place, but need an area for prep and staging, use crates for an easy set of shelving. Smaller crates can hold plates and dishware until guests are ready. You can use the interior for dining essentials and the top for some plant life.

9. Kitchen with Bar
Guests love an indoor space that opens to the outdoors. You can provide access to the kitchen during parties with this open bar style space. A long counter extends from the interior to the exterior, opened with classic French style windows. The space is defined with wooden shingles that make things comfortable and homey.

10. Reclaimed Wood Outdoor Bar
Reclaimed wood has such personality. Using reclaimed wood for the countertop and base gives visual interest, while the different wood tones complement each other. The wrap around counter offers guests plenty of room to talk with the cook without crowding the prep area. Simple raffia barstools finish the casual look.

11. Backyard Refrigerator Drawers
Tucked away in a small Chicago backyard, this outdoor kitchen set-up proves you don't need a lot of outdoor space for a stylish and functional kitchen. A stacked two-refrigerator door keeps beer and other refreshments at the ready.

So, found something you like? However before starting with your outdoor kitchen project, be sure to visit Funkie Junkies! We have lots and lots of cool furnishing, decor and other kitchen items for you!
Visit us at:

  • PUNTA GORDA LOCATION - 204 E McKenzie St. Punta Gorda, FL 33950. CONTACT @ 941-575-9633
  • PORT CHARLOTTE LOCATION - 787 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948. CONTACT @ 41-883-6849
Both stores are open Monday through Saturday at 10am to 5pm.

What All Ya Beautiful Junkers Need!

What All Ya Beautiful Junkers Need!

Today's busy junkers roughly have time to bask in an endless amount of time to primp in the morning and before going to bed. Yeah we get... coz we all are busy and don't have time for complicated beauty routine. Which is why choosing the best beauty products is very crucial if we want to take care and maintain that doll-like face!

Funkie Junkies, apart from providing you with the coolest home accents and furnishing, including art supplies, clothing and accessories, also carries the best and most natural bath and beauty products. These awesome products will help you, busy junkers, look like you have all the time in the world for that hour-long bath and another for your beauty ritual!

1. Black Kettle Soap Company
"What started as a way to provide relief for our family's overly sensitive skin has turned into an incredible line of hand crafted products for the bath, body and home. Simple, classic American style and fresh, quality ingredients keep our customers coming back again and ... again."

Black Kettle Soap Company offers bar soaps, sugar scrub cubes, body wash and bath bombs. They also have different kinds of body lotion, lip balm, body cream including perfume oils. They as well offer laundry stain stick removers and laundry soaps in different scents like almond, blood orange, eucalyptus, grapefruit, vanilla and lavender.


2. Fizz & Bubble
"Fizz & Bubble bath-time treats are the only handmade confections created with our unique 8-Oil Blend, packed with healing properties that leave your skin smooth, supple, relaxed and restored!

From bath bombs (Fizzies to Cupcakes to Milkshakes) and more, we’ve created a pretty sweet array of luxurious bath and shower treats. Experience fun and frothy bathtub bubbles with effervescent fizz in our large selection of fizzy treats, sweet and softening sugar scrubs, restorative body washes and scent-sational salts that are great for morning, noon and night! We are all about first impressions, with pinpoint scents that pique your senses and renew memories, creating millions of new bath fanatics everywhere!"


3. FarmHouse Fresh
"At FarmHouse Fresh, you'll find skincare products grown and crafted with delicious epicurean flair, that are either certified organic or use up to 100% naturally derived ingredients -- all chock full of fruits, vegetables, milks, and more from U.S. farms, including our own. We are proudly made in the U.S.A. We put just as much love and care into our products as we do in cultivating what goes into them. Our baskets, table top displays, even tote bags are all hand made in the U.S.A."

Visit Funkie Junkies to grab your favorite Black Kettle Soap Company, Fizz & Bubble and FarmHouse Fresh products. Funkie Junkies is located at:

  • PUNTA GORDA LOCATION - 204 E McKenzie St. Punta Gorda, FL 33950. CONTACT @ 941-575-9633
  • PORT CHARLOTTE LOCATION - 787 Tamiami Trail, Port Charlotte, FL 33948. CONTACT @ 41-883-6849
Both stores are open Monday through Saturday at 10am to 5pm and Sunday at 11am to 4pm.

Suzy Swede's Funky Ray of Sunshine

Suzy Swede's Funky Ray of Sunshine

"My mission is to spark a smile in the people who wear my tees and in the people who see them. I'm a perpetual optimist, and I believe you have to have snarky sense of humor to fully enjoy this life. So why not wear that humor, that attitude?" - Suzy

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Funkie Furniture Sanding Tips

Funkie Furniture Sanding Tips

Love to create masterpieces with your favorite Dixie Belle Chalk Paints? Well, we can't blame ya! We do too! so to help you with your next project, here are some genius sanding tips mostly from Family Handyman that can save you some time and hassle.

1. Clean It First
Before you start your work, make sure to clean your sanding tool first. Get a sneaker, start your power sander and slowly press the rubber sole along the sandpaper. And viola...! It will be good as new in no time!

2. Double Sanders for Double Productivity
Put both hands to work and sand twice as fast with two sanders! Just always remember to put the sanders together all the time so that your hands will not wander apart into separate surfaces. Keeping the two sanders as one single machine in one territory avoids oversanding and missing some spots.

3. Drum-Sander Dust Collector Hack
Capture the dust that flies off a sanding drum before it fills your shop and lungs! All you need is your shop vacuum, a 3 x 2-in. PVC reducing coupling and a pot magnet. Bolt the magnet to the coupling and put the coupling over the end of the vacuum hose. A 2-1/4 in. dia. shop vacuum hose fits snugly inside the coupling’s smaller end without clamps or glue. Then just set the hose on the drill press’s metal table and let the shop vacuum eat your dust. You can use this setup on any power tool with a metal table.

4. Stack and Sand
Gang sanding with a random orbit or belt sander lets you smooth a bunch of edges in one pass. As a bonus, the wider surface prevents the sander from grinding too deep in one spot or tilting and rounding over the edges. This trick also makes sanding a self-correcting process; all the parts will end up exactly the same.

5. Prevent Glue Spots
Masking tape saves the day. Glue spots are cruel. When you think all the tedious sanding is done and you apply stain or even varnish, they will appear like bleached smudges. Getting rid of them means more sanding. On a flat surface, glue drips aren't a big deal. You will remove them automatically as you run through the normal sanding process. But is hard-to-sand spots like inside corners, prevention is the best strategy, and a little masking tape will save you a lot of hassle.

6. Music Makes the Job Easier
Sanding Syndrome is a psychological disorder caused by fussy attention to detail combined with brain-rotting boredom. Symptoms include drooling on the project, hearing voices in the whine of a belt sander and seeing cartoon characters in wood grain patterns. There’s no sure way to prevent Sanding Syndrome, but a little entertainment helps. Earmuffs or earplugs with built-in speakers block out power-tool noise while reducing boredom. Search online for “stereo earmuffs” or “noise isolating earbuds” to browse a huge selection. Prices range from $25 to $200.

7. Radiator Hose for Contours
The “hose sander” is another great tool for sanding the curvy contours of your woodworking projects. Saw off a straight piece of discarded radiator hose with a hacksaw, clean it inside and out, and wrap a piece of adhesive-backed sandpaper around it. It works great when you bear down for coarser sanding and is just right for lighter-touch finish sanding, too.

8. Thick-skinned Sandpaper
Put duct tape on the back of sandpaper and cut it into custom-sized strips for sanding in tight spots. The tape’s tough hide lets you sand without tearing the paper. The strips work great for sanding lathe turnings, cleaning dried glue from project parts, and doing any other job that requires a firm yet delicate sanding touch. Use a sharp utility knife and a straightedge to cut the strips.

9. Custom Sanding Bow
Screw strips cut from cloth-backed sanding belts to shop-made wood bows of different thicknesses and use ’em to shape and smooth furniture parts and lathe- turned projects. The coarser grits remove wood quickly, and the finer grits will shine up curved surfaces in a jiff. You can screw the sandpaper strips on with varying tension to best fit the job at hand.

10. Avoid Over Sanding
Power-sand the tops of plywood edge-bandings with ultra-light pressure, use fine-grit sandpaper, and rub a pencil firmly along the glue joint before sanding to help monitor where, and how fast, the surface is being sanded away. If you press the sander more to the banding side, go slow and keep a hawkeye on the disappearing graphite. You’ll never waste a 4x8 sheet of expensive plywood—or two hours fitting and gluing on bandings—with an irreversible mistake.

11. Pencil Visual Aid
Here’s a great old tip that’s worth revisiting. Can’t tell where you’ve sanded and where you haven’t? Scribble light pencil lines over the surface, and then sand away until they’re gone. You’ll sand the entire surface without missing a spot, even out hard-to-see high and low areas, and know when to switch to a finer grit of sandpaper. The finer the grit, the lighter the pencil lines should be. It’ll take for-ever to sand off dark lines with fine grits.

12. Carpet Cushion
Don’t scratch up the workpiece you just sanded by flipping it over on a dinged up workbench. Next time you sand a project, lay down a scrap piece of carpet to protect the wood, keep it stationary as you sand and dampen the sander vibrations on your hands. No scrap carpet around? A 2 x 6-ft. washable runner ($8 at a home center) works great—just shake it out between jobs and roll it up for storage.

Best Paint Colors Of All Time, According to Designers

Best Paint Colors Of All Time, According to Designers

Here are designer paint color suggestions, the best paints all in one place!

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Classy Book Decor Ideas for Your Home

Classy Book Decor Ideas for Your Home

Bring the bookish aesthetic of your childhood into your very own home!

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Affordable and Easy DIY Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

Affordable and Easy DIY Ideas to Transform Your Bathroom

There is no reason the bathroom should be ignored when you are upgrading or decorating rooms in the house. Just like all the other rooms in your humble abode, your bathroom must as well be part of your house-beautifying plans... all the time!

To help you with it, Funkie Junkies has collated some of the most brilliant DIY bathroom decorating ideas - from charming decorations to clever storage solutions - from the most credible DIY sites . No one thinks of the bathroom as their favorite and comfort place in the house, but after these awesome DIY ideas, you will surely change your mind!

1. Create Found-Object Art
Everyday objects can become focal points in your bathroom if you look at them with an artist's eye. When the design team at Birdhouse Interior Design opted not to use an original door in this 1910 farmhouse remodel, they repurposed it as an art piece in the bathroom. It's coated in chalkboard paint and scrawled with a whimsical Dr. Seuss quote

2. Water and Wine
If you live near a winery, you may be sitting on an upcycling gold mine. Real oak wine barrels make beautiful furniture - craftsman John Koering painstakingly refitted this barrel as a vanity for Premier Copper Products, which sells the striking hammered copper vessel sink used here.

3. Add Some Wow
Add some glam into your powder room with affordable new features, such as a dramatic mirror and glass and chrome accent shelves and towel bars. Create wainscoting with wall covering that looks like white painted beaded board and paint the upper half of the walls a rich contrasting color.

4. Add Storage
Add pullout shelves to deep cabinets to keep necessities in order and viewable. Equipping cabinet interiors with these sliding surfaces helps you avoid digging around in the dark or buying more of the things you already have on hand.


5. Dress Up the Ceiling
If you are searching for a way to create a wow factor in your bathroom, just look up! Stenciling the ceiling, like Michelle of 4 Men 1 Lady did here, adds height and interest to the most-likely-to-be-ignored surface in the bath. Transform yours with a bucket of paint, a graphic pattern and a few hours.


6. 100% Recycled
Erin Rodroguez of the blog Welcome Home scored an old potting table from Craigslist and a salvaged sink from a local shop for her bathroom vanity. The pretty blue finish is another recycling win: it's from a 50-cent an of mis-tinted paint.


7. Rustic Bath Caddy
Create your own bath caddy from just one piece of wood and turn your bathroom into an instant spa.

8. Hide Clutter with a Sink Skirt
Pedestal sinks are ideal for tight spaces but often show exposed plumbing and offer little storage. An easy-to-sew sink skirt will solve both problems, providing style and function to a bathroom. Choose a trendy, patterned fabric, like damask, ikat or suzani, for maximum visual impact.

9. The Anti-Vanity
Sometimes the best vanity is no vanity at all. A simple marble top on an open framework - a washstand in bathroom design parlance - looks chic and gives you an instant place to hang linens. This one is purchased, but the possibilities are endless for creating your won supporting framework.

10. Multifunctional Furniture
Bring in furniture to add utility and character. An old shelving unit updated with paint provides a bath-side perch for towels, soaps and accessories.

11. Panel Discussion
Smartly patterned fabric curtain panels stand in as shower curtains to give this bathroom a designer touch that is easy and budget friendly. Pair fabric panels with a clear plastic shower liner to block splatters. If your bathtub and flooring have seen better days, consider having the tub surface professionally refinished and opt for a new tile floor.

12. Make A Recycled T-Shirt Rug
Think about it: the older a shirt is, the softer it gets. So why ditch an old tee just because it's a little threadbare? Instead, turn seen-better-days t-shirts into a recycled rag rug with a plastic base and a couple hours of knotting. Use one color or a mix of hues; either way it will keep your toes toasty, look chic and save you money to boot.