Chalk Paint Classes

Chalk Paint Classes

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Dive into Funkie Junkies' fun, exciting and memorable chalk paint classes and learn how to use this magical art weapon to a tee! Topics covered include brush strokes, distressing and waxing.  

What To Bring: As we will be working with paint, it's not a good time to be wearing your Prada and Hermes! Dress comfortably - ones that you can afford to be spilled on with paint :-)  ! It would as well be a great idea to bring extra shirt. 

Paint and all materials will be provided. However, please bring to class a small piece to make over and practice on.


 Bookings and Payment: Select the class you would like to attend above and add it to your cart, pay $45 (cost of one class) upon checkout and viola! You are in! 

Failure to attend a scheduled class will result to a forfeiture of the cost of the workshop as we would have prepared your materials and reserved your spot with the expectation that you would attend.

So c'mon and load up with cool and funky vibes and bring along your friends! Transform ugly into beautiful masterpieces!