Dixie Belle Midnight Sky Mineral Chalk Paint- FREE BRUSH!

Dixie Belle


The deepest and truest black that equates to nothing but beautiful. Dixie Belle’s Midnight Sky Mineral Chalk Paint is great for a wide range of accent pieces and home projects.

Compare Dixie Belle to other chalk paint....you WON'T be disappointed!! This chalk mineral paint has exceptional coverage, and is one of the most economical chalk paints on the market today!

You can use Dixie Belle chalk paint on almost every surface..wood, laminate, cabinets, glass, ceramics, and more!

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint requires no sanding, priming or prep work, and it will stay put! Simply clean and paint! Dixie Belle Paint enjoys a gorgeous matte finish and distresses beautifully.

Dixie Belle ChalkPaint is a water-based paint. It does not contain any VOCs and is eco-friendly.

Dixie Belle Paint is made right here in our state...Florida!

Dixie Belle also has a full line of waxes, glazes, stains, finishes, and metallics... along with brushes, sponges, stencils and accessories.